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Friday Report

by Mike Hays


Hi all,

Friday 05-May-2017:  Personnel running trains were Bob Garvin, Pete Miller and Mike Hays.

The doors opened at 10 AM. Visitors were light but steady.

We were running Conventional, DCS, and TMCC.

Mike Hays

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One of the figures in Bob's Pennsy ES44AC ↓

The other one in the cab ↓

Pete's SF passenger train ↓

Mike's Train ↓

The track configuration ↓

The Wreck! Months of accident-free running, but it was bound to happen. Pete was running the Club's coal train on the Red Line (Conventional control) giving his train a rest. Putting the coal cars back in the siding crossing the Green Line, he backed the cars without any problems stopping the engines just before the switches. He uncoupled the cars (using the O5O switcher) and moved the coal cars into the siding. When he threw the siding power switch back to the Green Line, that is when it happened. The engines took off backwards onto the Green Line (18 volts). Before anyone could do anything, the engines ran into Bob's train.
That was the excitement of the day. ↓