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Friday Report

by Mike Hays


Hi All,

Friday 13-Jan-2017:  Personnel running trains were Doug Wallace, Bob Garvin, Timmy Lewis and Mike Hays.

The doors opened at 10 AM. We were surprised at the number of Visitor's in the gallery.

We were running Conventional, DCS, and TMCC (mostly conventional).

This was an O27 train day. The oldest engine was cataloged in 1947.

The engines that ran the first part of day were not running at closing. Normally we bring two engines and run them for an hour at a time.


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Timmy's engines: Williams and K-Line ↓

Timmy's K-Line engines with a Lionel sound boxcar ↓

Bob's Lionel 44-Tonner (first cataloged in 1956) ↓

His other engine, a Lionel 2026, first showed up in 1948 with wheel arrangement 2-6-2. In 1949 and 1950 the number was 2036. In 1951 the wheel arrangement was changed to 2-6-4. ↓

Doug's Lionel Wabash GP7. The GP7 came on the scene in 1955. The Wabash paint scheme was Cataloged in 1957. ↓

Doug's MTH Proto-1 4-6-0 (Shown in MTH 1999 Vol 1). ↓

Doug's Lionel 0-4-0. The Die Cast engine with the slope back tender was first cataloged in 1941 as engine number 1663. ↓

Doug's Lionel 4-6-4 B&O Hudson with MTH passenger cars ↓

Mike's Lionel 675 Pennsy type engine first cataloged in 1947. The O27 version of this type of engine is number 2025. ↓

Mike's Lionel 221 appeared in the 1946 and 1947 Catalogs. In 1946 the engines were gray and in 1947 they were black. ↓

Mike's Williams ten wheeler 4-6-0 ↓