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  Wednesday Report


by Jonathan Sage


Hi, everyone.

Giant San Diego Padre baseball team Gnomes invaded the San Diego 3-Railers layout on Wednesday.

Although they were scary, they appeared to be peaceful.     Maybe they were just looking for someone to "play ball" ?

I'll bet the Padre Gnomes would field a better baseball team than the one we've got !!!!   Maybe to the World Series !!


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The San Diego Padres baseball team Gnomes have invaded the SD3Railers layout.

The Gnomes, apparently, like our camping site on the layout.     Even Gnomes need a vacation.

Ohhhh, noooooooo!!!     A San Diego Padres Gnome has become an attraction at the Circus Frosty Bar!
I guess even Gnomes get hungry from time-to-time.     I wonder what Gnomes really eat ????