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Wednesday Report


by Jim Murphy


Happy Halloween,             
I hope all is well with you all.     We had a pretty good turnout, considering most of our kid customers are back in school.

To begin with:  Meet our Engineers, Jim Murphy, Jon Sage and Pete Pearson.

All in all, it was a very good day, with a lot of smiles and friendly faces.


Previous Wednesday Reports  2008

October  29

Jim's Halloween General 4-4-0 and Halloween Docksider pulling a long freight train.

Halloween ghosts, goblins, treats and more!!

Looks like we've got a couple of skeleton hobo's getting a free ride to Doomsville.

You don't have to trick.....   to get a treat....    at the 3 Railers layout!!

Here's Jim (also known to be called  "Mr. Halloween") adding a few more Halloween touches to the consist.

Here's Jon, who's known to have a  not-too-small  Department 56 layout from time to time.