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Kids Club Report

by Mike Hays

What is the Kid's Club ?

Established in 2001, the Kid's Club, developed and sponsored by members of the San Diego 3-Railers Club, is a program designed to promote the fun, excitement and educational values of model railroading to children and young adults. With an initial participation of seventeen families, it has now grown to over one hundred sixty.

It meets for a two-hour session from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the last Saturday morning of the month in the upstairs library of the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.

In the early session, the children (and adults) are taught the care and maintenance of model railroading equipment, and how to construct a layout. Later, they are allowed to run their own trains (or those provided by the Club) on one of the four main lines.

There is no cost to participate in the program, as children six years of age and older are encouraged to experience the hobby of model railroading.

The goals are to have fun, learn about the history of "real" and "model" railroading, how to create, build and maintain a layout, as well as the interaction,participation and working well with others.

It is a program that is "right on track", and a rewarding experience     ....  for all !!

05 September 2016

Hi all,

Monday, 05 September 2016:  SD3R Kids Club had a Fun Run running their trains for an hour on the layout.

Visitors were light but steady in the gallery. We were running Conventional, TMCC, and DCS.

Staff personnel:
  John Edgington, Doug Wallace, Mike Quigg, John Ritch, and Mike Hays


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You are on the Blue Line ↓

Car is off the track ↓

One of the Trains that ran on this day ↓

Another train ↓

3:30pm and still smiling (Active for 5 hours and 30 min) ↓